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TABU – 42, the beginning of the tour @ Kino Šiška, 10.2.2010 – Part I

And so it started, the 42 tour of Slovenian group TABU. And in all honestly, it started with a bang! The concert/show was excellent. The crowd was amazing, and the venue was sold-out. The guys and girls of the band and the extended members performed well, even though there were a few small hick-ups. They are more at home at intimate shows if you ask me… Anyway, read more, to get the full story.

Tabu_foto_AnzeVodovnik-2 copy

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Tabu – 42 @ Kino Šiška, 14.12.2009

In keeping with my promise, I’m posting the events from last year that I was present. Well, one of them was the release of Tabu’s new album – 42. This has got to be one of the best music albums lately.


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