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Correlation between IQ, degrees and Entrepreneurship

I was sitting in a restaurant, waiting for my dinner to arrive – the meat tortellini in a cheese cream sauce, in case you’re wondering – when I saw a tweet by a Boston journalist I follow, Walter Frick.

My immediate reaction was something in the lines of “Perseverance and IQ not related? News at 11.“. We started this debate that had so much potential, and having been spurred by a nicely full stomach, and still in a writing state of mind, after having finished a blog post for Zeppelin about how building a data-driven culture can help you improve your company, I decided to wrap up my thoughts in a blog post.

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Personal Productivity at its worst

I always had a problem with being distracted. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Messages, even Spotify, have been, honestly, killing my productivity. Back in the days, when I focused the majority of my time at development, this was less of an obstacle. I developed this multi-threaded mind (sort of) where I focused on coding and when I hit compile, I was able to quickly focus on Twitter. Now, as I focus on different tasks, this is killing me.

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It’s about the people!

It’s been a little bit over a month since I first left Slovenia and joined the Zeppelin team, having been accepted into TechStars Boston.

Right now, I am writing this on an airplane, 35.000 feet in the air, traveling at about 900 km/h. We are returning from DEMO Conference where we presented the new Zeppelin to the public for the first time.

I thought about what I should write this time, and it occurred to me that there is one aspect of this journey that is key. The people.

Davorin and me, with the awesome, Leslie from the DEMO PR team

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Coldplay @ Udine, 31.8.2009

Another trip to Udine – this time to see alternative rockers Coldplay (article at To be honest, I expected a lot from the guys. Being a world famous band that existed for a while now, I thought they’ll make a good show – a spectacle in a sense. Well, I was disappointed.


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Memorables of 2007

As is custom, I would like to add my wishes and thoughts. I would like to wish you happiness, health, success but most of that, which you want and need the most. I wish you find those little moments of happiness, the moments that define our lives, and spend them with people who you care […]


Bruc 07

After a fairly hectic week I finally have some time to post a couple of pics from bruc 07. The whole thing was divided onto three stages, but I avoided the dance/techno one for trying to avoid an ever larger headache than I already had. On two other stages, we were able to see the […]


why I chose to remove two photos

Following up to my post from Šentvid’s Krst 2007, I’ve decided to remove two images. Please note that I was not forced to remove them, but I was asked if I could consider removing them. Where is the problem? Why censorship? Well you see, the pictures that are problematic, depict a girl carrying a weapon […]


Nightwish: Dark Passion Play

As promised in my Mark Knopfler review I’ve also revied the Nightwish album. Their latest creation is called Dark Passion Play. I really like the album cover, and the whole artwork of the CD. The CDs are lined with a tribal decoration. As with Mark’s Kill to get crimson, I bought the special edition :-). This […]


Mark Knopfler: Kill to get Crimson

Yeey, it’s here, it’s here. Some of you already know, but most do not, that Mark Knopfler is one of my idols. His guitar playing inspired me to pick up the guitar, and his music, khm, lit up the room several times at key moments :-). So, after having seen his concert two years ago […]


neanderthal commentary

I alway keep an eye on my reports for, I want to see what goes on through the mind of the readers. The last one, from Tivoli (Dj Umek), is an interesting one, and one that clearly displays the inability of some people to understand the variability that is the human race. It all started […]