TABU @ Vransko Summer Night 2009

A whole year has passed since, well, last year’s Vransko Summer Night. Interestingly enough, the line-up was similar to last year’s but that wasn’t a problem. Tabu rocked the night, as they usually do.  Šank Rock were rocking as well, and I was quite impressed with Legalo Kriminalo, although to be honest, I did only hear a couple songs towards the end. Interesting, although probably a bit too heavy sounding for this event.


If there is one thing I’ve learnt so far with photography is that the more heart you put in the photos, the better they are. Since I first “met” the guys and gal from Tabu, I’ve been to a lot of their shows, and was impressed by every single one. The energy is always phenomenal. This time though, they did have some problems during the first three songs, but I think that’s due to Tina’s In Ear Monitor. In any case, I’ve really enjoyed shooting this concert because I know they are exactly the same in real life as they are on stage. And I had fun, and personally, I think it shows on the photos.

Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-229 Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-244

I like playing with light lately. This was shot away from the stage, in the crowd.

Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-454 Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-570 Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-585

It really does look like they are having fun on stage doesn’t it? 🙂

Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-551 Tabu-Vransko_foto_AnzeVodovnik-547

This is typical Tina :-). In my eyes at least.


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